Flavio Vincenti, M.D.

Clinical Advisor

Flavio Vincenti is a Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco and Medical Director of the Kidney-Pancreas Program. His major research interests are in recurrence of focal glomerulosclerosis. He continues to pursue studies to develop strategies to decrease and treat recurrence of FSGS. He is also interested in developing immunosuppression regimens that decrease toxicities, improves the use of current drugs and improves long-term outcomes. Another area of interest is to apply precision medicine to transplantation using molecular biomarkers.

Dr. Vincenti was the primary investigator of an article published in 1978 in the New England Journal of Medicine concerning the important role of blood transfusions in improving the outcome following kidney transplantation. He also reported a series of articles on the complications of transplantation including of aseptic necrosis and recurrent diseases in renal allografts. He has contributed to the understanding of the incidence and risk of recurrence of focal glomerulosclerosis as well as its outcome after transplantation.

The National Kidney Foundation of Northern California honored him in May 2000 for his contributions to transplantation and treatment of renal failure. He was the recipient of the AST 2002 Novartis Clinical Science Award. He was awarded in 2012 the Lifetime Achievement Award in transplantation by the American Society of Transplantation. He has been an active member of the American Society of Transplantation and served as its president (2007-2008).