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Adaptive immune system
Specialized, specific cells that recognize and eliminate pathogens

Chronic kidney disease
The gradual loss of kidney function

Complement system
A component of the immune system that assists, or complements, the ability of antibodies to clear invading organisms

A treatment that rids the body of water, solutes, and toxins in people whose kidneys can no longer perform these functions

End-stage renal disease
The last stage of chronic kidney disease, or kidney failure

Endogenous retrovirus
A virus located within the genome

Genetic payload
A set of genes that is delivered to a cell to alter the DNA sequence

Low blood sugar, a symptom and complication of type 1 diabetes

Innate immune system
The body’s nonspecific, first line of defense in the immune response to pathogens

Islet cell
A type of pancreatic cell that produces insulin

Multiplex gene editing
Multiple simultaneous changes made to a DNA sequence

Single-cell cloning
A technique to separate and expand one cell into a genetically identical population of cells

Type 1 diabetes
An autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks islet cells that produce insulin in the pancreas

The transplantation of living organs, tissues, or cells from one species to another


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