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The people behind the science

Working toward a single ambition

We are harnessing the power of teamwork toward a single ambition: ending the global organ shortage. At eGenesis, this ambition underlies everything we do. We believe we can achieve this.

Working at the forefront of this kind of innovation means thinking differently. It means embracing a particular fearlessness, one grounded in research, teamwork, collaboration, reality, possibility, what has been, and what can be. There are patients waiting for our products. There is no time to waste.

Recent advances in science and technology have paved the way for groundbreaking innovation. But the questions that drive us at eGenesis are different. We wonder: what if everyone suffering from kidney failure could have a reasonable hope of getting a transplant? What if the parents of children with type 1 diabetes could be assured that their son or daughter would have a real chance at a healthy maturity?.

Our team

Wenning Qin

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Wenning Qin | SVP, Innovation | false

We have some of the best scientists in the world on our team, and I feel that there is no challenge we cannot overcome together.

Wenning is building a team that is fearless in its approach. Her team loves science. Wenning believes the work eGenesis is doing to make xenotransplantation a medical reality is an unprecedented breakthrough.

“I definitely learn new things every day.”

Ranjith Anand

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Ranjith Anand | Director | false

“Every day you’re discovering something exciting that no one has seen before. And you’ll get to do that with amazing colleagues, friends, and mentors.”

Ranjith calls himself “a pig engineer.” He has a passion for stitching DNA together with great precision. Ranjith believes that eGenesis is stretching science to its limit to help millions of patients and is excited to see the results that come from working on the edge of possibility.

“I came for the science; I stayed for the people.”

Amanda Marett

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Amanda Marett | Associate Director of Production and Project Allocation | false

“There’s a lot of professional and personal growth. I definitely learn new things every day.”

Amanda was one of the first operations team members at eGenesis, and her career has grown alongside the company. As the operations manager, she works on a variety of projects across the team and with external partners. She is passionate about making eGenesis a welcoming community.

"Every day you’re discovering something exciting that no one has seen before."

Lee Tien

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Lee Tien | Director of Business Development and Alliance Management | false

“People are rallied around the mission and the goal that we have. And it’s awesome to see it becoming a reality piece by piece.”

Lee joined the eGenesis team during the COVID-19 pandemic, but that didn’t prevent him from quickly connecting with the team. He finds that working relationships are the foundation that allows eGenesis to move forward.

“Everything we do is a collaborative process.”

Lucky Kalekar

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Lucky Kalekar | Senior Scientist, Immunology | false

“Everything we do at eGenesis is a collaborative process.”

Lucky joined the eGenesis team because of the potential to make an impact on people’s lives. He believes the environment allows team members to share experiences and learn from one another. He is excited to see the growth of not just the science, but also the people he mentors.

Our values


In this novel field, we must be willing to explore new areas and accept the risks and possibilities of real innovation.


Everything we do is rooted both in deep scientific rigor and in our belief that we can and will end the organ shortage.


We work at a new frontier of science. To make this vision a reality, we need each other. We seek out a wide range of ideas and perspectives.


What we are doing isn’t easy. We not only accept, but welcome that. We want the challenge of doing hard, worthwhile things. What we do is only as good as the people doing it.


Xenotransplantation is inherently collaborative. That’s a good thing, and it keeps us appropriately humble. We recognize and respect scientific complexity — and never assume that we have all the answers.


At eGenesis, we aren’t just answering questions…we are writing the questions. We have a deep desire to learn, to know, and to grow.

Let's make history

eGenesis is growing. We’re looking for outstanding research, medical, and business professionals to join us in advancing our mission.

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